Alpe Magna - Chamois ragù

Chamois ragù

Among the noblest meat in the Dolomites, processed by hand with an artisanal and coarse cut and combined with fresh vegetables with a hint of orange to create a ragout with a fresh and aromatic taste.


50% chamois meat, fresh vegetables in variable proportions (onion, celery), Italian tomato, Trentino red wine (sulphites), tomato concentrate, butter, Italian extra virgin olive oil, 2% pork bacon, rice flour, sunflower oil , sea salt, natural flavors, spices, orange peel. WITHOUT ADDITION OF PRESERVATIVES AND WITHOUT GLUTEN


Ideal in combination with a long and wrinkled pasta that holds the sauce well, it can also be used with polenta or in a revisited version served on toasted bread croutons to enhance its characteristics. Warm with EVO oil or cooking water.

Available formats

190g (suggested for 2 people)

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